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Control2015 touch โ€“ one control for everything

Easy: Intuitive operation of the clearly arranged 7″ colour touchscreen display.
Good: High-precision sensors and the possibility of adjustment allow highly precise working, which is qualifiable and validatable at any time.
Safe: The documentation by means of the integrated recorder and the logbook ensures transparency, easy operation and convenient archiving. The optional digital signature provides conformity with 21CFR part 11.

Control touch Intuitive operation

Intuitive operation

  • Clearly arranged and easily to operate representation of the actual values and setpoints of all regulator and control circuits.
  • The favourite function for the main page ensures that the user has always an overview of the data, which are important to him.
  • Convenient operation with language support in many languages.

Control2015 touch Integrated screen recorder

Integrated screen recorder

  • Recording of actual values of all regulator and control circuits.
  • For clearness, all channels can be shown or hidden.
  • Past periods can be scrolled conveniently page-by-page.
  • Even with power failure, a restricted, battery backed monitoring is effected.

Control2015 touch Calendar


  • The calendar function allows quick direct access to past recording periods โ€“ no matter if to the recorder, to the logbook or for data export.
  • All days for which data have been recorded are colour-highlighted

Control2015 touch Program control is standard

Program control is standard

  • Day, week or process time programs are possible.
  • The user can name the programs created by him meaningfully.

Control2015 touch Program input

Program input

  • Tabular arrangement of the program input, convenient editing and preview function./li>
  • No limitation of the program steps and of the number of programs
  • Programs can be linked to each other.

Control2015 touch User login

User login

  • In the user management, the preferred language can be assigned to the users. A quick change is possible at any time.
  • Thanks to the user management, the activities of each user can be traced exactly.
  • In connection with the option Electrical Door Release, even the door opening can be allocated to a user.

Control2015 touch User management

User management

  • The user management can be customized: It can be deactivated completely, or different rights can be allocated to the users. Passwords can be restricted in time, and the access can be locked after a defined number of failed login attempts.
  • The user management allows the use of the appliance in conformity with 21CFR part 11.

Control2015 touch Logbook


  • Gapless event documentation in real time, inseparably connected with the recorded data.
  • Filter function for the quick, selective display of the events.
  • Free comments with login name are possible at any time.

Control2015 touch Comment entry

Comment entry

  • Complete keyboard for entry of comments into the logbook and for entry of individual names for program creation.
  • The assignment of the keys is adapted automatically to the selected language.

Control2015 touch Digital signature

Digital signature

  • Signature of the checked periods directly at the recorder of the control in conformity with 21CFR part 11.
  • Undersigned areas are marked correspondingly in the recorder.

Control2015 touch Calibration and adjustment

Calibration and adjustment

  • The 5 adjustment points per sensor ensure highest precision.
  • If the user has noticed a deviation, a readjustment can be effected.
  • The tabular entry of the supporting points and correction values can be displayed at any time, thus offering highest transparency.