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Your success is our success!

According to this motto, Rubarth Apparate GmbH produces since more than 65 years high-precision environmental simulation equipment for science and industrial laboratories all over the world.

Well-known companies, such as Novartis, BAYER, Nestlé or Dr. Oetker, research institutions, such as the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft or the American National Institute of Health, had been relying for decades on the advanced technology of the brand RUMED®. We deliver to all branches of industry and are leading innovator in the field of low-vibra­tion equipment for protein crystallization, in storage of explosive liquids and gases, or for equipment for the in vitro cultivation of plant cell cultures.
If in the Antarctica, on the research vessel „Polarstern“, or in a seed test centre in Africa – our equipment provides reliable results, even under most difficult research conditions. The precision equipment of the brand RUMED® resolves your problems perfectly.

Dipl.-Ing. Volker Rubarth