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Environmentally conscious production as a matter of principle

Rubarth Apparate GmbH was the first company in Southern Lower Saxony receiving the eco-audit certificate for environmentally conscious production, already in 1996. In cooperation with the Leibnitz University Hannover and state-aided by the German Environment Foundation, further ecological development of our products had been pursued consistently.

The major part of our products consists entirely of high-quality stainless steel. For construction of all appliances, the modular construction is observed allowing a quick separation of the materials for optimum recycling. A part of the products had already been converted to natural refrigerants. The bypass circuit in the refrigerating machine makes all our units extremely energy-efficient. Apart from that, we offer many products with energy-saving water/brine cooling. Also our special thermo fluorescent lamps and the LED lighting systems are extremely efficient and energy-saving.