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„Made in Laatzen“ – applied all over the world

To maintain our high quality standards, all our products are manufactured in our factory in Laatzen near Hannover being equipped with most advanced manufacturing technology. From there, they are delivered worldwide. Our customers come from all continents.

The entire production process is subject to a strict quality control, and each appliance is again checked comprehensively prior to delivery. The export packing, which has been developed for our products, ensures that the precision equipment arrives at the customer safe and undamaged. A well thought-out plug-in system without nails and screws facilitates packing and unpacking. Shock-absorbers minimize jerks during transport. Furthermore, the units are equipped with sensitive „spies“, such as shockwatch and tiltwatch. During transport, they are warning of improper handling.

RUMED Fertigung Stanzen

Punching the vents in a cover

RUMED Fertigung Falzen

Edge-bending of sheet metal parts

RUMED Fertigung Loeten

Soldering work at the refrigeration circuit

RUMED Fertigung Elektrik

Wiring of the components

RUMED Fertigung Pruefsequenz

Test sequence and logging

RUMED Fertigung Verpackung-Lager

Packaging of the equipment for export