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Calibration and qualification – Traceability guaranteed

Calibration Validation and recalibration

Validation and recalibration

We are always ready to support the validation of your appliances. If desired, the validation can be executed by our company. The validation includes the necessary measurements, as well as any documents, such as DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ, manuals, wiring diagrams, plans, appliance logbook, manufacturer certificates for the sensors and for the most important components. If required, we are also at your disposal for the annual recalibrations.

Calibration and adjustment Reliable measuring instruments – an important feature

A further option is the calibration in our factory. We are using periodically checked top-quality products for that calibration to ensure the traceability to DKD or ÖKD standards at any time.

Calibration Reliable measuring instruments Calibration and adjustment

If the appliances are equipped with the Control2015 touch, calibration and adjustment of the temperature sensors, as well as of the air humidity sensors is possible. The adjustment is effected by means of a supporting point correction. The supporting points and the entered correction values can be read-out at the control at any time for verification.