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DIS-E160 Drosophila Incubator

Product Information

  • Temperature Range 0 to +50 °C
  • Test Room 160 Litres
  • Vibration-free
  • Program Controller Control2015touch
  • Screen Recorder and USB/Ethernet
  • Program-controlled, dimmable LED Lighting
Test Room
Volume160 l
Temperature Range0 to +50 °C
Deviation in Time±0,5 °C
Height875 mm
Width460 mm
Depth425 mm
Number of shelves 3
Maximum load per shelf40 kg
Height1470 mm
Width600 mm
Depth620 mm
Electr. Connection230 V / 50 Hz
Net weight of the standard unit60 kg
Type / GWPR600a / 3
CO2-Equivalent0,00015 t

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Optional Accessories

The reinforced stainless-steel grid shelves are recommendable for building material testing or beer forced-ageing tests. Their maximum carrying capacity is up to 40 kg.

Free view on the specimen is ensured by an optional glazed door.

A 45 mm duct in the side panel allows insertion of measuring lines and hoses into the test room. Delivery including cover.

Gas-tight closing plug, matching to the tubular port. The gasket system with a flexibility in the range of 4 mm to 23 mm is based on a rubber module with removable skins and can be adapted to the cables, tubes etc. in different sizes.

Mobile version of the test cabinet with 4 steering rollers, 2 of them lock-type with brake.

Test room socket for connection of shakers, magnetic mixers etc. in the test room. Switching-on times can be freely programmed by means of the CONTROL2015 touch.

Electromagnetic door release by means of the CONTROL2015 touch. Door unlocking only after successful authorization with entry in the logbook (name, date, time).

Export execution for power supply 110 V/60 Hz.

Communication and Software

Additional measuring sensor PT1000 for temperature control and recording of specimen.

Analogue output test room temperature for external recorder Signal 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA

- Monitoring of up to 32 appliances   - Compatible with Control 2000 and Control2015 touch   - Data logging and graph representation   - Logging of door openings with time stamp   - Logging of alarms with time stamp   - Automated daily print is possible   - Weekly and monthly print   - Archiving per day and control circuit   - Automated backup on server drive  

- Monitoring of appliances with Control2015 touch - Data safety in conformity with the guidelines 21CFR Part 11 - All events are recorded in a digital logbook, inseparably connected with the recorded data. - Signature in connection with the user management of the appliances - Automated prints  - Automated backup on server drive

Calibration and Qualification

Calibration on site with 9 spatially distributed sensors with a temperature value.

Calibration on site with 9 spatially distributed sensors with a temperature value.

We are always ready to support the validation of your appliances. If desired, the validation can be executed by our company. The validation includes the necessary measurements, as well as any documents, such as DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ, manuals, wiring diagrams, plans, appliance logbook, manufacturer certificates for the sensors and for the most important components. If required, we are also at your disposal for the annual recalibration.

Execution and documentation of the design qualification, qualification of installation and operation qualification including calibration on site with 9 spatially distributed sensors with a temperature value on site.

Execution and documentation of the performance qualification including calibration on site with 9 spatially distributed sensors with a temperature value on site.


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